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About Kirella GmbH


I am Cintia I started and run Kirella GmbH with the help of other specialized consultants.

After working for many years in the financial industry doing business development and client advisory, I decided to start my own venture with the goal of helping small businesses and professionals to stand out on social media and achieve their dreams and business goals.

I have always being creative and had a flair for writing. Before moving to Switzerland I worked as well for many years doing translation and editing services, business consulting and marketing for Latin American and American clients. 

With my creative spirit and legal, financial, and marketing background I help my clients to produce business content and develop their digital business strategy in order to succeed.

For larger projects I work with a reliable network of trusted partners such as branding specialists, journalists, graphic designers and websites specialists so we can offer you a fully comprehensive service. For more info about myself visit my LinkedIn profile:

Cintia Amoros | LinkedIn

or let's schedule a free personalized call to get to know each other. 

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